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Here you find Product-specific fixtures for eg Zink plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, chrome plating of plastic parts, suspensions as Galvanic jigs, hanging hooks and more.

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Here you find Product-specific suspensions for Anodising such as, Universal Hangers as Metal finger ring, Tensions springs, Product-Specific  titanium/Aluminium jigs, Titanium Baskets, Titanium Bars, Anod hooks and more.

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Powder coating

Here you find Product-Specific jigs for Powdercoating such as, Universal suspension system, Simplified Suspension system, Struts, Arrowheads, Z-Hooks, Rotating Link, Comb Hook, Rotating Conveyor Hook, Conveyor Combs, Tension springs, Ring Screws, Threaded Sleeve and more. 


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Here you find the Standard Hooks in Different Sizes, dimensions and shapes.


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Masking for holes and axles

Here you find the standard list of the Masking Products for Holes and Axles, Nut Maskings, Pullplugs, Threaded plugs, tubes and more.


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Here you find masking tape of different quality and different criteria for different purposes.

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