Optimising production is an obvious ambition when it comes to suspension systems for surface finishing. At Epifatech optimisation involves seeing the totality and resolving problems becomes an integral part of our work process. It is all about saving time by having systems that are carefully adapted to the part that is to be suspended. But it is also a question of flexibility and eliminating unnecessary handling. If, for example,  suspension systems are used at different stages, it could be important to store the systems optimally to save on space. It could also be a question of developing an efficient process for sending away systems to have paint burnt off. With several systems hanging on the same frame, they can be easily burnt together in a considerably shorter period of time than if they were handled individually.

By focusing on the process as a whole and not just the actual suspension arrangement, we can provide added value for the customer, which in the final analysis saves time and offers longterm sustainability.


Hos oss är optimerat standard