When developing a new suspension system, the starting point is determining how many parts will need to be placed on each frame and how it will affect the finishing technique.

We have experience of suspension systems that work in different ways depending on the finishing technique. A part could be electroplated to achieve overall protection against corrosion. The same part could then move on to be powder coated – but only certain sections. The other sections need to be masked. In the past, each part was masked manually before coating, which proved extremely time-consuming. A manual system was also less precise. With a solution from Epifatech, the same design can be used for both complete electroplating and partial powder coating. This not only means that a great deal of extra masking can be avoided, it also eliminates the need to move parts to a new frame when moving on to the next finishing stage.

By thinking innovatively we identify new approaches and deliver solutions that function down to the part level. Solutions that will last a long time and which, with the application of logistics thinking, are adapted to the customer’s production system and their specific requirements. Optimised on every level.

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